Corgi ST97601 NRM LNER 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class, As Preserved' 2011 Rail Legends

Corgi ST97601 NRM LNER 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class, As Preserved' 2011 Rail Legends
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Rail Legends By Corgi ST97601

Built; 1923, Doncaster
Designer; Sir Nigel Gresley
Purpose; Main-line Passenger
Top Speed; 100mph
Tractive Effort; 29,385 Ibf

First Steam Locomotive to officially reach 100mph

It is estimated that in its working life the Flying Scotsman has covered over two million miles

Originally built in 1923 the Flying Scotsman is undoubtedly the world's most famous steam locomotive. Constructed by the Great Northern Railway as an A1 class in February 1923, the Flying Scotsman was then later converted to an A3 class by London North East Railway (LNER) and re-entered traffic in January 1947.

As the only preserved A3 class locomotive still in existence today, the Flying Scotsman has a captivating history as the flagship locomotive of the LNER. Having had various modifications the Flying Scotsman was one of five Gresley Pacifics, chosen to pull the prestigious non-stop 'Flying Scotsman' train service from London to Edinburgh, completing the three hundred and ninety two mile trip in only eight hours. In 1934 the Flying Scotsman became the first steam locomotive to be officially recorded travelling at one hundred mph. In 1963 the Flying Scotsman was sold into preservation and during this time has run tours in America and Australia before finally coming home to Britain.

Currently under preservation at the National Railway Museum in York, the Flying Scotsman is due to be back on the rails later this year. This Corgi Rail Legend captures the Flying Scotsman in its current preserved livery as LNER 4472 in Apple Green, with a double chimney, smoke deflectors and corridor type tender.

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