Corgi ST97506 LNER 4-6-2 A4 Class 'Dominion of Canada' 4489, A4 Gathering 2013

Corgi ST97506 LNER 4-6-2 A4 Class 'Dominion of Canada' 4489, A4 Gathering 2013
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LNER A4 Class No.4489 was outshopped on the 24th May 1937 from the Doncaster works and was originally to be named as ‘Buzzard’ then ‘Woodcock’. It was instead named ‘Dominion of Canada’ alongside other A4 Class locomotives named after British Commonwealth countries of the time.

No.4489 entered service in the LNER Garter Blue livery but differed from the other A4s as it wore the Canadian Coat of Arms on the cab side. ‘Dominion of Canada’ was withdrawn from service at the Darlington shed on 29th May 1965 after serving over twenty-eight years on the railways of Britain. It was listed for scrap, but after sitting derelict, the locomotive was donated by British Railways to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association and has been preserved and stored at the Canadian Railway Museum, Saint-Constant in Quebec since May 1966.

In 2012 ‘Dominion of Canada’ was shipped from Canada to the National Railway Museum in York where it has been re-painted in its original LNER Garter Blue livery in readiness to join its remaining A4 Classmates for the ‘Mallard 75 – A4 Gathering’ event.

(The outer sleeve has a small securiy tag on the rear)


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