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Bachmann 32-817 Class 47  47745 Royal Society For The Blind RES 00 Gauge, 21 Pin DCC R..
Bachmann 33-856C Bogie Bolster Wagon BR Grey 00 Gauge ..
Bachmann 33-900E Bogie Well Wagon GWR Dark Grey 00 Gauge ..
Bachmann 33-928A 30T Bogie Bolster Wagon BR Grey with Steel Girders 00 Gauge ..
Bachmann Branchline Two 20ft Intermodal containers in China Shipping Livery. Superb detailing in ..
Bachmann 37-304 Intermodal Bogie Wagon Two 45ft Containers Malcolm Logistics 00 Gauge ..
Bachmann 37-305A Intermodal Bogie Wagon with Two 45ft Containers DHL 00 Gauge ..
Bachmann 37-313 Intermodal Bogie Wagons with Two 45ft Containers Maersk Line and Maersk Seal..
Bachmann 37-314 Intermodal Bogie Wagons with two 45ft Containers Safmarine OO Gauge ..
Bachmann 38-250 IPA Twin Double Deck Car Transporter STVA Red OO Gauge ..
Bachmann 38-340 Set of 13T High Sided Steel Open Wagons (x3) BR Late Bauxite (Weathered) 00..
Bachmann 39-126G BR MK1 CK Coaoch Corridor Composite Maroon Weathered OO Gauge ..
Bachmann 39-226E BR MK1 BCK Coach Brake Composite Corridor Maroon Weathered 00 Gauge ..
Bachmann 39-340A BR MK2A FK Coach Corridor First in Blue and Grey 00 Gauge (Old Store St..
Bachmann 39-371 BR MK2 BSO Brake Open Second Intercity 00 Gauge (Old Store Stock) ..